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Cryptic Crits

Unicorn Meat Dice / TTRPG / Handmade Artisan Resin Sharp Dice

Unicorn Meat Dice / TTRPG / Handmade Artisan Resin Sharp Dice

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It sparkles and shimmers and tastes just like candy!

Candy, Charlie, Candy!

Wait a second, that looks just like-

Well, Charlie did say he was missing a kidney.

Not quite edible but still looking straight out of Candy Mountain, these glittery red-and-white dice may have you craving something absolutely fantastical. Careful not to try to nom on these though, they're hazardous to humans.

This 7-piece set of dice is perfect for your next character, whether it be Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other TTRPG!

Interested in delving into spooky things, like Candela Obscura? Or how about Netrunning, chummers? Get a made-to order set of 9d6 just for the occasion!

All dice are individually handcrafted. Each set is unique and will look slightly different than the featured images. Resin dice tend to be lighter than mass produced plastic dice.

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