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Cryptic Crits

The Hermit / TTRPG / Handmade Artisan Resin Sharp Dice

The Hermit / TTRPG / Handmade Artisan Resin Sharp Dice

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Ninth in the Deck, but absolutely well known by many for its original posing, the Hermit is a card of Introspection and Solitude. Whether to understand one's self or because of exile, the Hermit stands alone. If this sounds like your character, maybe give them a nice hug. Or a familiar. There can be companionship (an adventuring party) in the strangest of places.

This 7-piece set of dice is perfect for your next character, whether it be Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other TTRPG!

All dice are individually handcrafted. Each set is unique and will look slightly different than the featured images. Resin dice tend to be lighter than mass produced plastic dice.

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