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Cryptic Crits

Faerie Fire / TTRPG / Handmade Artisan Resin Sharp Dice

Faerie Fire / TTRPG / Handmade Artisan Resin Sharp Dice

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"Enough," the creature shakes his head, body starting to turn translucent. Before he can disappear entirely, the wizard extends her hand, a brilliant blue outline forming around it. The fae lets out a pitiful whine.

"I'm not a blue, I'm more of a pink. Stupid humans."

Thankfully you won't have to choose between the two, bright pink and blue color swirls with silver lettering. Perfect to see what's been hiding.

This 7-piece set of dice is perfect for your next character, whether it be Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other TTRPG!

All dice are individually handcrafted. Each set is unique and will look slightly different than the featured images. Resin dice tend to be lighter than mass produced plastic dice.

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